When Calculating For The Maximum Release - Consider Enhanced Equity Release Calculators

Equity release is a term used in business circles to refer to various ways in which you can turn your own main residence into a means of raising much needed tax-free cash. It can involve taking a “mortgage” against your own house or any other property that you own. This scheme is especially beneficial after ceasing employment when the previous sources of income have disappeared and now need replacing to provide a comfortable retirement.

Equity release is therefore, the equivalent of taking a bank loan without really visiting the bank and then having the pleasure of repaying at your own convenient time… usually upon your demise. However, newer flexible equity release schemes have now come into play, where you can control the future balance of your lifetime mortgage arrangement. But the overriding initial equity release question has always been - What is the maximum equity release I can obtain & which type of plan offers the largest cash release?

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